Sunderland Comic Con Pictures February 24, 2015 13:44

Hi to everyone we met at the inaugural Sunderland Comic con this weekend. It was a first for us too, our first ever evnt like this, and we loved it!

Feedback from customers was lovely and really positive on our stall and products, even the Beano and Judge Dredd artists gave us great feedback on our badge frames (where we've recycled some of their art into something 'a bit different'), even being good enough to sign some pictures featuring their art.

It was a great opportunity to meet and chat to some incredible talent and and buy signed comics/books while you have the chance, I picked up a signed hardback 'RazorJack' by John Higgins. One of our customers couldn't decide whether to buy a framed Judge Dredd badge picture, they ended up buying it and getting it signed by Dredd artists John Higgins and John Wagner! I later did the same getting a frame signed by John Higgins and a Beano frame signed by Nigel Parkinson. An opportunity you can't turn down so worth asking... shy bairns get nowt! :)

Also shown on pics, Asia Alfasi and Neil Slorance who produce stunning work - Asia holds cartoon workshops for schools and groups, worth checking her page out.

Asia Alfasi, at Sunderland Comicon  Artsist at Sunderland Comicon  Gary and Jack, at Sunderland Comicon  Kate in a lesson with Gareth K Vile, at Sunderland Comicon

My two neighbours on Sunday, Gary Bainbridge and Jack Fallows who had a canny day knocking out some great artwork, Jack doing some fantastic pictures of visitors in whatever style they wanted, sitting on a unicorn, part eel/part human or Harry Potter meets Dr Who, and making it look so easy in the process.

Some of the artists also took lessons in the activity area, learning to draw Beano characters (Nigel Parkinson), How to Draw your Dragon ( and more Gareth K Vile and Lee Robinson) including creating characters and story writing. Nice to see Hit Girl taking some time out using the pencil instead of the sword. 

Cartoon lessons at Sunderland Comicon  Cartoon lessons with Gareth K Vile, at Sunderland Comicon  Cartoon lessons, Tanya Roberts at Sunderland Comicon  Nigel Parkinson, Beano artist at Sunderland Comicon

The Cosplay fans were out in Force (literally) and having a great time, some amazing costumes...

Judge Dredd, at Sunderland Comicon  Cosplayers at Sunderland Comicon  Imperial Wardrobe, Sunderland Comicon  Boba Fett, Sunderland Comicon

Thanks to everyone who took part, visited and the organisers and volunteers who made the weekend a success, looking forward to my second comic con (although I don't know where it will be yet - let me know if you know of any good events for our stall).

Bye for now!