Unique Geordie wedding favour badges (pack of 25)


A truly unique wedding favour for any wedding with a hint of Geordie, pack of 25 button badges to get the guests talking or learning the lingo. Especially great if you have a Geordie bride and/or groom with guests new to the dialect. Put them on place settings or in a bowl on tables.

The badges are black and white (any colour available though, just ask - even red and white!) with the following phrases (again, we can add phrases if you'd like to personalise your badges!)...

  • Team Bride
  • Team Groom
  • Reet Bonnie Bride
  • Howay man lerruz dance
  • Check oot me Bobby Dazzlers
  • Propa Lush Wedding
  • It's Wor Roond Next
  • Canny Tiddly
  • Hoy the Bouquet
  • Aa'd a Reet Bubble
  • Where's the Bar?